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Solo Plan

Solo Plan

For those clients who need immediate access to their money, a Solo Plan account is the preeminent option; it permits withdrawals and deposits to be made at any time. The minimum deposit necessary to open a Solo Plan account is $5,000 - or its equivalent in another currency - there is no deposit period required, and Solo Plan accounts are available in three international currencies - US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR) or Pound Sterling (GBP) and are available to all customers.

To open a Solo Plan account, clients must first choose the currency the account will be funded in: USD, EUR or GBP. Next, clients need to deposit the funds - a minimum deposit of $5,000 or equivalent accepted currency; deposit funds may be converted from one of the three accepted currencies into another accepted currency if desired - and sign the required legal agreement(s).

Solo Plan offer many attractive benefits for account holders. First, Mitico Estates Limited accounts do not have fixed deposit times, so there are no set term requirements. Holders of these accounts enjoy the flexibility to manage their finances and make withdrawals at any time without prior notice and no early withdrawal penalties. Second, account holders can make deposits to their account as many times as they want and said deposits can be in any amount desired, increasing account balances and as a result increasing the daily interest paid on the cleared account balance. Third, competitive rates are calculated daily on the cleared account balance and are transferred directly to the client's account every month; account interest is paid on a monthly basis. Fourth, clients are protected because Mitico Estates Limited ensures that customers receive the lowest possible risk and associated costs when doing business in the foreign exchange marketplace, keeping clients safe from unnecessary risk associated with today's volatile FX market.

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